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Thread: Internet Explorer 8 is constantly flickering

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    Internet Explorer 8 is constantly flickering

    Recently i have upgraded my operating system i was using windows XP initially and now i am using thew windows 7. Also my browser is internet explorer 8 which is not working as it should because when i try to browse with internet explorer 8 the browser screen flickers as i scroll i have checked it with different resolutions but this does not work at all.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 is constantly flickering

    It seems that this latest version of IE has its own system of protection against malicious sites. However, it is also what some anti-spyware. Thus, there would be conflicts in protection (including the hosts file). It would also be a system file "misreporting". Anyway, waiting for updates from Microsoft to resolve these problems.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 is constantly flickering

    Here are some tips that will help improve the problem knowing that it is not possible to simply re install IE7
    1. First, start from scratch by resetting IE8:
    2. Click the Tools at the top right, then Internet Options.
    3. Click the right tab "Advanced".
    4. Click the button below "Reset"
    5. Check "Delete personal settings" then click the "Reset"
    6. Close the window that was displayed
    7. Restart Internet Explorer 8

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 is constantly flickering

    If you installed modules, extensions or toolbars to IE8, look no further why it is much slower than before. Each module is launched one after another and draws its own resources, slowing down all the applied to each new window . The simplest way to realize this is to go directly to the window management module: Tools -> Manage Add-ons for Internet Explorer 8. You can also take help from the

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 is constantly flickering

    It appears as a hard ware issue since your screen flickers with the Internet Explorer browser so i would suggest you to get recheck the video or display drivers of your system they might have go corrupted and hence you are getting the error so try installing them once again to fix this problem.

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