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Thread: Paying with non-US credit card

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    Paying with non-US credit card

    I am from India. I wanted to buy an Item from eBay but the seller can ship only to US. So i have decided to get it shipped to one of my friend who is living in US who will sent me this item by courier to me. So i would like to Make payments to the eBay using the credit card which i am having can anyone tell me is it possible to Pay with non-US credit card.

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    Re: Paying with non-US credit card

    It would have been better if you have asked this question directly to the seller, Anyways i would suggest you to ask the seller directly by any means of communication. Ask him that whether they accept the payment from an Indian Credit card or not. I think that most of the cards which are available Now are accepted world wide.

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    Re: Paying with non-US credit card

    I would advice you to check whether your credit card is a Visa Card or Master card. Since both these card are accepted globally. You can also ask your friend to pay the amount on behalf of you. The you can transfer the amount to his account directly. Most probably this will help you to get rid of this situation.

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    Re: Paying with non-US credit card

    It's simple, just click on the PayPal button and enter the information requested. Credit cards MasterCard and Visa, among others, are accepted. The information you provide will be known only through PayPal and are maintained in a cryptographically secure server. When you make a donation or payment, there is no fee to use PayPal.

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    Re: Paying with non-US credit card

    PayPal is the secure payment system used by eBay, one of the largest systems sales by auction on the web. More than 150 million people use this payment service. PayPal lets you shop without sharing your bank details to a third person. Is a completely independent system vendors.

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