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Thread: uTorrent without a proxy

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    uTorrent without a proxy

    Hello, you quickly realize that you are using uTorrent to download a movie, and I received a call from my internet service provider, telling me that they had received a call from Paramount Pictures attention of the owners of movie rights, to stop down and delete the file immediately or would take action against me. I don't know what the shit is it.?! Is there any way to hide or change my IP, or I can do to not be detected by doing what they do millions of people around the world?? Besides, it is normal or was it one in a million? I have direct internet connection without proxy, ADSL 512, use avast, SUPERAntiSpyware and malawarebytes. Please help me soon.

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    Re: uTorrent without a proxy

    Well one option would be that you can use sites such as that allow you to download torrents through your browser. In that case I think that you are not going to be able to trace because the download is done through the browser and not a program. Also I think that there is no reason for you to panic.!! Because it makes me laugh they start taking actions against people. At the most your IP address will be banned and you cannot download any torrents from that specific site. And you can download with the rest.

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    Re: uTorrent without a proxy

    If you want to set your uTorrent with the proxy, then the following link will help you :
    How to use proxy in utorrent on mac os x
    Otherwise, you can use the pirate bay for downloading the torrents. From there you can download movies or applications (that too latest) without any problems. So I would like to suggest you to go for it.

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    Re: uTorrent without a proxy

    TPB for all their responsibility never manipulated the media and precision as is happening in these comments by the MAFFIA. TPB were always candid brokers standing for what they whispered was right and they were propelled into stardom by popularity of the masses by the ordinary people like you and me. TPB landed in a court encounter alongside the establishment deeply influenced by the media cartels and huge business enriched by decades of monopolistic exploitation of the media markets.

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    Re: uTorrent without a proxy

    If I recall, the judgment adjacent to them wasn't for hosting a tracker or for perplexing torrents with content. The judgment was because the individuals behind TPB were found to have DIRECTLY UPLOADED ACTUAL CONTENT at some point in the past. As in, movies and such. THEMSELVES. That is more than just hosting *.torrent index files and THAT is what got them, in the closing stages.

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