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Thread: Speed differences between ISPs

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    Speed differences between ISPs

    I have subscribed to a new subscriber for internet. Whenever i try using the older ISP for downloading a torrent file it seems too good but it decreases gradually as and when i start browsing but with the new 4 mbps line i an getting a very good download speed as well as a it remains constant while browsing. Why there are Speed differences between ISPs is it because of my older router which has a fire wall and the new one not having any firewall.

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    Re: Speed differences between ISPs

    This is probably due to the bandwidth which you are getting hence there is a difference in the speed of your utorrent download. the first one gradually decreases because the bandwidth is eventually utilized for opening the webpages. So i would suggest you not to worry about the band width and use whatever you are getting.

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    Re: Speed differences between ISPs

    I have a trouble with utorrent because for some time when I run any downloads is up, so I wanted to uninstall / reinstall the problem was still present. So there can be manip I did wrong or so when I reinstalled I be asked to enter a port number and AC I know it may therefore be ac .. Can someone help me! ?? please thank you in advance
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    Re: Speed differences between ISPs

    The solution I would suggest you is to "force" (s) download (s) in the utorrent shortcut menu (right click). It works also with azureus. My downloads have taken over 100%. But if this still does not resolve the issue then i would suggest you to go for a reinstallation. Also try to get your system scanned for viruses.

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    Re: Speed differences between ISPs

    Do not add too uTorrent streams simultaneously. Download 3, 4, 5, 6 is OK. It's good to push the speed to max, but no more. I prefer to have torrents that end up one after another every day all at the end of the week. Automatically increase the size of the read cache can become a problem when you have almost no space on the disk. So I do not authorize it (indeed this is useful only in extreme conditions).

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    Re: Speed differences between ISPs

    My personal experience I was for a very free time on the internet and I download the 300kb and now has went to download over 500kb. I think it depends on too many things going dir as your speed increase or not (Installation of your line, quality, etc. ). One thing I would like to tell you that there is speed difference always between different ISP's

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    Re: Speed differences between ISPs

    Personally, I think the IPs identified in these lists for filtering are overly rich P2P downloads of pirated copies of the latest James Bond. Practically, there are many access providers that are listed and black-because-rightly or wrongly, some believe to have identified a nasty villain. But the worst is that companies "need" to hunt down P2P have no problem getting new IP addresses (a DNS domain for less than 25$ per year).

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