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Thread: Outlook Express messages won't delete

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    Outlook Express messages won't delete

    Hello friends !

    Suddenly, I don't know what I did wrong but some incoming email is not getting deleted when I try to delete the emails. About one out of seven messages unable to be removed. After clicking the Delete button has no effect and there is no error messages there. Dragging the message to the Deleted components directories yields the following message:

    Selected message(s) cannot be moved. An error has occurred.

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    Re: Outlook Express messages won't delete

    Would you tell me something about your working environment. I read your post properly and need to ask something. You know, you can check this out but when you make right click on the message, can you choose delete or is it grayed out ? First you need to try this out and post me the result after this operation...

    Thanks ..
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    Re: Outlook Express messages won't delete

    The problem is that every email software contains more than one files (usually one per folder in the email program) that actually contains the emails. When you remove out an email in your email program, the program perform two things:

    First, it copies the email into the Trash or removed components folder, and
    Second on is, it marks a label on that message in the main directory to suggest that the message has been deleted.

    But, it does not actually remove the email from the directory until you compact the Email directory.

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    Re: Outlook Express messages won't delete

    Primarily, you can compact the email directories, which is the method to restrict the issue from occurring. You must perform it once a month or once a year but you require to do it.

    1- From Outlook Express, the process is similarly simple - File, Folder, Compact All Folders.
    2- From Eudora, it is within the Special / Compact Mailboxes. In Outlook Express, it's placed at File / Folder / Compact All Folders.
    3- From Outlook, the process is much more complex to compact one of its .pst files. The process is: File / Data File Management, choose a file, click Settings, then click Compact Now.

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    Re: Outlook Express messages won't delete

    No, it is not being grayed out, but choosing Delete doesn't effect at this procedure . There no any error message like that . I only get the error message when I try to pick and pull the message to the Deleted items folder..

    By the way ! I am able to move the message to some different folders, just not the Deleted Items folder. I thought maybe the issue was that the Deleted Items folder was overflowing with the stored mails , so I cleaned it but to no available. But that wouldn't have made sense either because why would only one out of seven messages not able to be delete ?

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