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Thread: Route problem to host

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    Route problem to host

    I am sending mail and all of my transferred mail is routing properly except for routing mails to GMAIL.COM host

    This is the log message:

    Router: No messages transferred to GMAIL.COM (host via SMTP

    Do you have any idea, why it's gonna happen with this and what the log message indicating ???

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    Route problem to host

    There is no any doubt that you are running with any physical issues like connection and all. There are some internal connection components are occurring such type of issue and it's going on with only the Gmail server and to rectify this issue you need to check from the internet configuration section that if this domain is blocked on the server.

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    Route problem to host

    In order to the internal configuration, you have to check entire settings based on the connection that you are carrying. if you have checked the domain setting but nothing happened after all then just move to the SMTP configuration and Turn on the SMTP debugging.

    One thing more , you need to use a packet analyzer in the dead of night to get what Domino does when it gets a GMAIL outbound message. If you still have any problem after these configurations then feel free to post us .. )

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    Route problem to host

    Hello all,

    I just have encountered with an issue with Gmail accounts . I am unable to send Any messages to Gmail from our server using IP Address at all.
    Kindly suggest me the effective solution for such issue and I declare that any required components will be available to present. Some of the messages are listed below.

    Our server IP Address :

    And some of the Emails return

    Warning: message 1MGXOF-00028e-Tq delayed 24 hours

    Now What I need to do in such situation ? How I can find out the system and also How I can resolve the issue ?
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    Re: Route problem to host

    There are so many user posted this issue on many different forums and probably, the users always asking about this error always -

    AccordingConnecting to []:25 ... failed: Connection timed out (timeout=5m)

    Your IP are not blacklisted. And it seems such a network error as your server is unable to reach Gmail's servers. It can happen due to a lot of causes. Some of them

    • Remote host down( highly unlikely)
    • Network problem on your a traceroute to to debug.
    • Firewall blocking

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    Route problem to host

    You should check the O/P of the command "exim -bt".. It will display you the absolute router used by Exim to get the remote SMTP server..

    If it gets failed again and again, check the router used and perform the check if is entitled in local domain's list and also check if you are able to connect to gmail's SMTP server:

    Telnet 25

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    Re: Route problem to host


    I am very thankful to you all for such answers of associated command :

    exim -bt
    router = lookuphost, transport = remote_smtp
    host [] MX=5
    host [] MX=10
    host [] MX=20
    host [] MX=30
    host [] MX=40

    and this is the result of telnet command :

    telnet 25
    telnet: connect to address Connection timed out
    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
    send: Operation not permitted

    This issue is going on only with gmail not another domains. Issues is still as it is ????

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