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Thread: MAC OS X Files/Folders Search Tool

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    MAC OS X Files/Folders Search Tool

    Hi all,

    I was eager to find out if there is anything I can use to search Files and Folders on my Mac OS X system. I am looking to search for files that comprises parts of names, and specific sizes, and specific formats for example.jpg, .pdf, etc, and then while this hunt is going and doing it's "thing", whether is it achievable that I can backup or copy the files to a special location from the search result?

    If you know, anything close to MAC OS X Files/Folders Search Tool that will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: MAC OS X Files/Folders Search Tool

    Well this feature is available for Mac OS X that will let you to find Files/Folders/parts of names/formats but I am having doubt about specific file sizes.

    However, the Mac OS X "Find" command, CMD+"F" has comes with an option for a huge number of things and one of those is File Size.

    I hope this will be the closest reply as per your request.

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    Re: MAC OS X Files/Folders Search Tool


    Thanks for giving the reply. Spotlight is the first choice. I have discovered that what I need to do with spotlight, but the problem is that files I am searching for has double copies on the hard drive, I tried to select all and then copy all of them to another place which can be convenient but the during the pasting process. I display the message that files are busy and or the files are in use and stop the process. Transferring the files one by one will a little inconvenient for me because I am having more than 6000 photos.
    Thanks again

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    Re: MAC OS X Files/Folders Search Tool

    I was also facing the and similar problem and tried to use Google Desktop Search, which was a bit more powerful than Spotlight, showing at least a brief overview of the contents of the file. Now, the new Google Search Box fast (OS X 10.5 +) shows that, like Spotlight file that contains the search text, and you need to open any file, search again with the inner function to find see if this file is the file you are looking for ...
    Not very helpful. In this case, the Google developers are a failure.
    I hope someone creates some tool like any good ones available for Windows ... It’s sad that Windows is now simply better than OS X.
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    Re: MAC OS X Files/Folders Search Tool

    In the Finder, choose Find from the File menu (or press Command-F). The Find dialog allows you to:
    • Search specific places on the computer
    • Search files by content, also known as find-by-content indexing
    • Adding advanced search criteria

    You can select specific places to search. You may either use the Add button or simply drag specific folders you want to search into the "Specific places" list.

    Your search criteria appear in the pane below "Search for items whose:". For advanced searching, just click the plus or minus buttons to add or remove new criteria, or choose a new criteria from the "Add criteria" pop-up menu. In the image above, two additional criteria have been added (date created and extension).

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