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Thread: Firefox 3.6 crashed

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    Firefox 3.6 crashed

    I am using Windows XP SP3 and installed Firefox 3.5.7 installed and everything is working fine. I also installed the updates to 3.6 and it working fine until I rebooted my system this morning and Firefox gets crash and sent in a report.

    I tried to shut down my computer but having only option without pushing the front power button. I moved to control panel and tried to open add/ remove programs and not able to work also there. what may be the problem ??

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    Firefox 3.6 crashed

    You didn't tell me the actual problem when you entered and trying to add or remove the software and your system gets hang or anything else.

    If you are in these situation that you are unable to do anything then you need to switch into safe mode. Just turn your computer in safe mode and
    try to execute there and if not responding then try to uninstall it from windows and use another safer version.

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    Firefox 3.6 crashed

    I think ,you need to uninstall the firefox and the uninstall procedure is used different on each platform and then don't install with the same backup. Download a new and fresh firefox setup.

    The proper removal of Firefox is better than repair it. It is enough to create a new profile and important to delete old profile. In some situation, it is also important to uninstall Firefox and install it in a fresh and new directory. Note that it is commonly safer to rename files and folders than to delete them.

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    Uninstallation of Firefox 3.6 on mac

    As Techno01 said that the installation procedure is different on each platform but I don't think so because only directory locations gets changed.

    1. Drag the Firefox application to the Trash.
    2. Firefox also has a .plist file at ~/Library/Preferences/org.mozilla.firefox.plist you may want to uninstall.

    If you also need to destroy your Firefox user data and personnel settings such as bookmarks, extensions, etc. Trash the "Firefox" folder contained :

    ~Library/Application Support/Firefox.

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    Firefox 3.6 crashed

    If you are working on windows then you need to first exit from the Firefox completely then after open the Windows Control Panel

    1- On Windows Vista :
    Go to Programs => Programs and Features and choose Mozilla Firefox with perfect version and click on Uninstall to remove it completely.

    2- On Windows XP After entering control panel just double-click on "Add or Remove Programs" choose "Mozilla Firefox with associated version from the list of installed programs and click "Remove" to run the uninstaller.

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