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Thread: How to enhance the security of my browser?

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    How to enhance the security of my browser?

    For surfing on the internet everybody need the browser, whether you use the Internet explorer or the Firefox or any other browser which is available in the market. These browser are also used for sharing the confidential information from the net, that is the reason I want to know the security tips for enhancing the browser security.

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    Modify user agent

    Modify user agent
    FF-ri type about: config, add general.useragent.override set GoogleBot 1.2
    You can also set others.
    Set to googlebot to visit a number of sites subject to restrictions, such as yahoo, wiki, gmail. Using firefox plug-ins to switch useragent can also be

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    Re: How to enhance the security of my browser?

    Installation of the safety plug-in
    Installation noscirpt and firekeeper
    The NOSCIRPT contain a prohibited JAVA / ADOBE, FLASH / SILVERLIGHT / Other plug-ins / IFRAME. Anyway, as long as the prohibition of all ticked.
    Choice of trusted sites still applied these restrictions.
    These settings will not affect the use

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    Re: How to enhance the security of my browser?

    Cancel a file association

    wma / avi / swf these default to automatically open / play. This is very dangerous, while others can be judged by the operating system versions of these objects, while if the Storm video, windows media player, then the overflow will affect the ff.
    In the file type inside all the action set file types to save to your local Disk. If you want to see flash.

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    Re: How to enhance the security of my browser?

    Anti-XSS / CRSF

    There noscirpt and firekeeper, and would have anti-cross-site these should be done well. However, in order just in case, have to set the look.
    FIREFOX exit the privacy of my data when you remove the hook.

    So each out what the firefox cookie will be cleared. Someone made a url for your point about something, do not steal cookie or something.

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