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Thread: Need to know about search engine and Keyword marketing.

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    Need to know about search engine and Keyword marketing.

    Keyword can be called the cornerstone of the entire search applications. For ordinary users and search engines, the keyword is both interactive media, is hard to imagine without the use of keywords, how to achieve efficient and effective information retrieval purposes. Among commercial applications in the search, keyword, without rival, also play an extremely important role. So I need to know more information on Keyword and search engine marketing.

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    The importance of keywords

    For a business, you certainly hope that more potential customers through some form of channels in the shortest possible time to find you, and this was reflected in the search marketing for your chosen keywords just to meet the user-specific search target . Users to find a product or service information, it is usually with the unique name of the products and services, trade names, or even the company name to search for the condition, and these search terms exactly what we demand point of search marketing. It can be said, therefore, keyword is to determine the key to the success of our Marketing.

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    Give full play to the role of keywords

    In most cases, the search engine for users to respond to the premise of search sites and web pages on condition that there is content that matches the search keywords, that must ensure that the corresponding pre-determined keywords used in web page text, while Also note that keywords used techniques
    For example, a cancer hospital, they should make the corresponding keyword "cancer" throughout the site's content, so the user can enter the same keyword search, the search engine will match based on your web page content, according to certain rules of your Page returned to the user, so you get a chance to achieve the desired marketing purposes.

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    Re: Need to know about search engine and Keyword marketing.

    The selection and site content related to keywords. Even ignorant person keyword selection techniques, common sense would allow him to avoid selling books Shique choice such as "sauce" or similar keywords that have nothing to do. This is true, relying on irrelevant keywords attracts users to the enterprise product / service sales not have any effect.

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    Re: Need to know about search engine and Keyword marketing.

    Choose specific keywords. Keyword coverage is not as widely as possible, because the more general meaning of the keywords, which correspond to the information needs of species, is also more. Some users with the purpose of the keyword search may be to buy related products, but more may be other requirements, does not necessarily lead to consumer behavior.

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    Re: Need to know about search engine and Keyword marketing.

    Pay attention to keyword ROI (Return on Investment). Not know much about search marketing, people may not realize that, even if the same kind of keywords, their return on investment is also a difference is there. This has to have a certain basic standards, but also in practice depends on our scientific monitoring and summarized. Sometimes, especially in commercial activities, the data more often than any of the concepts and theories are more convincing.
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