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Thread: Firefox extension for website development

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    Firefox extension for website development

    I am engaged in web development. Basically I create some forms and structures and test the same on Firefox. I am looking for some really useful and dedicated plugins for web site development. I had found some but they are not so useful. They only depicts the basic structure of the web site only. What plugins do you recommend for the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Firefox extension for website development

    A plugin (also called extension) adds new functionality to Firefox. There are many plugins for web site management or development in Firefox. Like Web Developer. This plugin adds a toolbar to the browser. This bar allows for a lot of things like managing the cache see cookies, playing with CSS, highlight (highlight) portions of a web page, validating a page, etc.

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    Re: Firefox extension for website development

    Web Developer is a kind of Swiss army knife. It will ask for a little time and investment before they can master all the functions available, but it really is THE plugin required. A other one for the same is FireBug. It helps to explore the structure of a page (JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax) and discover the details. If you experience problems with your scripts, it can help you with a very powerful JavaScript debugger.

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    Re: Firefox extension for website development

    There is one more useful plugin for website making in Firefox. That is View Dependencies. With this plugin, you can now see all files (images, scripts ) who have been charged with a web page. It accounts for the same total weight. This is very useful to see what has been coded web page. Dependency Plugin,is certainly very useful, but confined to a project by project analysis.

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    Re: Firefox extension for website development

    You can have a IE tab on your Firefox browser. When developing a website, make sure it will be displayed the same way on both Firefox and Internet Explorer (since it is the most popular browsers today). To avoid having to toggle between these two browsers, it is now possible with this plugin to open within a Firefox tab that uses the Internet Explorer engine.

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    Re: Firefox extension for website development

    There are numerous plugins but the matter is which is the most useful. Like UrlParams, it displays the parameters sent in a GET or POST request and can replay it by reversing the two delivery methods. That helps ensure that a form works well. Then for images this you can use ColorZilla . This plugin allows you to manipulate colors (and their code in RGB or hexadecimal). It embeds a color selector (color picker in English) and can also capture the color of an element of a page by pointing the mouse. In the same way Measureit plugin is useful to take measures in pixels. It is thus possible to check the size or alignment of images very easily.

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