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Thread: What are the different types of streaming media

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    What are the different types of streaming media

    What are the various types streaming media on internet. I need some information on the same. The most common type of the same is online music or videos. Other than this what are more that are used online. And what is the procedure involved in the same. I also want some information online and offline encoding. What is the difference between them.

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    Re: What are the different types of streaming media

    Multimedia streaming applications can be partitioned into three classes by delay tolerance. Interactive audio and video telephony,teleconferencing, and gaming have extremely low delay tolerance, usually no more than 200 ms of end-to-end delay for comfortable interaction. In contrast, live broadcast submission (e.g.,Internet radio), which characteristically have no interactivity, have a large delay tolerance, say up to 30 s, because the delay cannot be detected without interactivity and without a reference, such as a neighbor who is listening to a conventional radio.

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    Re: What are the different types of streaming media

    Intermediary in terms of impediment tolerance is the submission of streaming media on require, which has only reasonable interactivity prerequisites, such as channel varying and VCR-like control. The dissimilarity in impediment tolerance among these three classes of multimedia submissions has profound results on their design, particularly with respect to error recovery.

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    Re: What are the different types of streaming media

    Low-delay, low bit rate submissions such as telephony can afford only error-resilience techniques, whereas high-delay or high bandwidth submission can afford complete error recovery using either forward error correction or retransmission-based techniques. It is worth noting here that although applications in all three classes play out multimedia in real time, the phrase “real-time communication” is commonly used only for the first application, that is, audio and video telephony, conferencing, and gaming, whereas the phrase “streaming” is often associated only with the latter two applications.
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    Re: What are the different types of streaming media

    Another essential difference between multimedia communication submission is whether the content is encoded online, as in the case of real-time communication or live broadcast submissions, or is encoded off-line, as in the case of streaming media on demand. The advantage of online encoding is that the communication channel can be monitored and the source and channel coding strategies can be adapted correspondingly.

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    Re: What are the different types of streaming media

    For instance, the receiver can inform the transmitter of the information that is lost and the encoder can adjust correspondingly. The benefit of off-line encoding is that the content can be exhaustively analyzed and the encoding can be optimized (possibly in non real time over several passes of the data) for efficient transmission.

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