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Thread: Transferring my emails from Outlook to Windows mail

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    Transferring my emails from Outlook to Windows mail


    I want to know how to transfer my emails in office outlook contents of my old pc to the new with Windows 7 and Windows Mail.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Transferring my emails from Outlook to Windows mail

    This is part of "Windows Live" new version plan. Some changes have been made in it, but under the hood it is some what same as Outlook Express of Windows XP. The most efficient and easy way to transfer emails is to use the Export command in Outlook Express to save all messages and contacts in separate files, copy them to the windows 7 PC, then use the Import (File menu) so that data in Windows Mail.

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    Re: Transferring my emails from Outlook to Windows mail

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    Re: Transferring my emails from Outlook to Windows mail

    In the menu File, Click Import and export to open the wizard import and export.

    1. In the list Select an action to perform, Click Export to a File And Personal Folder File (. Pst), Then Next.
    2. In the list Export the contents of selected folder, Do one of the following:

      • To save all the items in a personal folder, click Mailbox, Check Include subfolders Then click Next.
      • To save items to a specific folder, click the folder to backup (eg, click Contacts to save all the items in your Contacts folder, and even for the calendar, notes, etc. ...), and then click Next.
      • To back up only specific items, click the folder that contains the elements, then Filter.

    3. Make your selections, click OK, Then Next.
    4. In the text Save the exported file as, Type the path and name of your backup file .Pst file or click Browse to select a file .pst existing update.
    5. Then we can make a backup of the archive. PST on CD by burning, or leave it in a corner of the disk drive.

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    Re: Transferring my emails from Outlook to Windows mail

    Outlook: Exporting and importing data

    After exporting data to a file. PST to keep, you can import them into a new system or another computer.


    If you burned previously the backup PST file it has read-only attribute. OR, to be usable by Outlook, the. PST does not have this attribute. So use theWindows Explorer to copy the file to your hard drive and remove the read only attribute (right-click the file, properties then uncheck the attribute "read only", and finally OK).

    • In Outlook, go to the menu File And click Import and export.
    • Choose Import from another program or file Then click Next.
    • Choose Personal Folder File (.PST) and click Next.
    • Click Browse Then select the location and name of the file to restore (where you previously copied the archive).
    • Click OK to complete the process of file selection.
    • Select the file(s) to import (mail, calendar, contact notes, etc. ...) and check Include all subfolders if you want to make a complete tree.
    • Optionally, click Filter to define an export rule, then OK.
    • Choose the destination folder staff.
    • Click Finish.

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    Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express

    Outlook Express stores your messages in a folder that contains several different .dbx files. These files (folders.dbx, inbox.dbx, outbox.dbx) contain all your messages. Windows Mail cannot import any of these files individually; you must import the entire Outlook Express folder.

    If Windows Mail is unable to import your messages, make sure none of the files in the Outlook Express folder are marked Read only. Open the folder, select all the files, right-click them, click Properties, and make sure the Read only check box is cleared.

    More: Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express

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