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Thread: Best plug-ins for WordPress

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    Best plug-ins for WordPress


    I'm new to wordpress, i would like to know which plugins you guys think are most useful for successful wordpress blog. I don't have used any of wordpress pug-ins yet, i need you advice to get started with them , please sugeest some good wordpress plugins to make use of.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    plugins for WordPress

    Try Bling This! Referencing asset item of a blog depends mainly on its inclusion in a system of bookmarks online like or Digg as news. This plug-in provides a toolbar that plugs into the WordPress template and allows visitors to the blog to add the item to a score of sites such as Digg, After the update, just select them in the backoffice in the boxes.

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    SEO Title Tag

    SEO Title Tag

    Supplementary UTW, SEO Title Tag optimizes referencing an article in the major search engines. This plug-in builds a URL for this optimized from the tags and title of the article. The author assumes that the title you see the post should be short and concise so that the URL must instead multiply synonyms and keywords to optimize SEO.

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    Re: Best plug-ins for WordPress

    Here i know 3 interesting plugins for WordPress:

    1. AjaxWP - Adds an AJAX layer to all aspects of your blogs (which speeds up the loading time)

    2. Alexa Rank - Display your Alexa ranking.

    3. Ajax Comment Preview - Allows your readers to see their comments before publication.

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    WordPress Database Backup

    WordPress Database Backup: This tool allows you to save all of the MySQL database which is based on WordPress articles, users, configuration, etc.. It is primarily intended to WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 since version 2.1 now integrates natively.

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    Worpress plugins directory

    There are many awesome plugins for wordpress available, just check the worpress plugins directory here: WordPress Plugins
    • Live Spell Checker - Adds a spell checker.
    • Plug 'n' Play Google Map - This plugin allows you to automatically add a google map on a separate page
    • WP e-Commerce - Adds a "shopping cart" (basket) to your blog.
    • WP-Polls - Adds surveys customized to your blog.
    • WP-Post Ratings - Allows your readers to write down your posts.

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