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Thread: Real time Video chat in FMS

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    Exclamation Real time Video chat in FMS

    Hi all,

    I am using the Flash media server (FMS) that establishment of broadcast programs and online video recording and playback implementation. I am familiar with common programming model. I want to appear real time video chart with the server achieve a constant video chat program. How it is possible . Please suggest.

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    Real time Video chat in FMS

    Video chat from time to time through the FMS implementation is actually very simple, that is, constant flow of operations. If it is a one-way video chat, then the two ends of the side of the side for the release of client side of the subscription side, if it is two-way video chat, then both sides were published side-side and subscribe.check and reply. Best of luck.

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    Real time Video chat in FMS

    From the technology up analysis, one-way video chat is the side of the release stream on the other side streaming, two-way video chat is both sides need to provide two streams, one for release stream, one for streaming. Talking about professional point is to create a stream and sent to the server the client called the release of one to create a stream to accept the contents of a client called subscription, when the same client are both publish and subscribe, it must create two streams, one is the output stream, one is to accept the stream. Check that and reply.
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    Real time Video chat in FMS

    The situation is that while from time to time publish the video stream side of the player, which is also inseparable from the connection FMS, the code is as follows:

    privatefunction onPublishClick123 (evt: MouseEvent):void
    nc = newNetConnection123 ();
    nc.connect ("rtmp: / / localhost / LiveStreams");
    nc.addEventListener123 (NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onNetStatusHandler123);

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    Re: Real time Video chat in FMS

    By clicking on the button to connect FMS server, and then to the FMS release publish the video stream to achieve the purpose of video release. It should be note that the release method publish () in the latter parameter is "live", said the constant video stream. In the form of live streaming will not be released inside FMS generated. Fla file, is different from the "record" to record the video stream is generated. Flv video files. check the procedure and reply.

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    Real time Video chat in FMS

    The video release point is access to video, audio data, respectively, through the Camera and Microphone static method implementation. The reference Code is below:

    publicfunction PublishStream123 ():void
    btnPublish123.label="Post Video";
    btnPublish123.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onPublishClick123);
    cam1 =Camera.getCamera ();
    mic1 =Microphone.getMicrophone ();
    video1 = newVideo (320,240);
    video1.attachCamera (cam);
    addChild (video1);

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