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Thread: New wordpress themes 2010

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    New wordpress themes 2010

    The WordPress team is currently thinking about implementing a new default theme. Indeed, the Kubrick theme, in the very wind in 2005, seems to have outlived its usefulness.

    The decision is not so simple. We must find a theme that has a nice visual appearance, while being easy to customize, very generic. It is likely that the new theme be incorporated into WordPress 3.0 is expected out in mid 2010.

    So which new themes are good you guys like that releases in 2010? Any third party theme recommendations.

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    Wordpress 3.0 New wordpress theme

    Wordpress 3.0 will be accompanied by a new default theme. A question remains full: is there an update of the Kubrick theme or will he issue a theme entirely rebuilt. What is certain is that the team wants a minimalist theme not a subject that would provide all the possible features and unimaginable but who would therefore too heavy. The theme will Lightweight, well coded and easy access beginners wishing to start construction of a theme.

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    Vanillia theme for wordpress

    I'm using the Vanillia theme for wordpress for my blog.
    Here is the screenshot of it:

    You can download it form this link: Download Vanillia theme for wordpress

    Its new and remarkable admin featues are:

    • Featured Content
    • Logo image
    • Twitter
    • Header 468×60 pixels banner code
    • 125×125 pixels banners
    • Sidebar Ads/Banners
    • Header and Footer script codes

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    Irresistible wordpress theme

    Try Irresistible, This is a personal blog, a rich visual media is little discussion. The theme includes some video options and Nifty gadgets, providing a great experience blogging.

    Download Irresistible

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