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Thread: Favorite ERP provider

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    AshishERP Guest

    Favorite ERP provider

    Hey guys,

    This one is for all ERP enthusiasts out there. The game is simple- name your favorite ERP provider in India based on whatever experience, image, accounts etc you have had in the past. Try to focus on the Small & Medium Enterprise segment. The brands can be international, they just should have a customer base and functional operations within India

    I tried to put a poll in the polls section for this one too.. But despite repeated attempts, the system keeps blanking me out. Anyway, I guess this is as good a way as any to gauge brand standings.

    Just to have some options out there, some of the major ERP players in the India market are SAP, Oracle, Ramco, Peoplesoft, Tally, Epicor etc.

    Factor things like technology, evolution over the years, cost effectiveness, SaaS, web based models etc while naming your pick.

    Lets have some case studies or personal accounts if anyone has.


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    Favorite ERP provider

    I think Oracle is the best ERP provider because it's the software giant has extended its portfolio of ERP solutions through the acquisition of companies such as PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards. A leading call center solutions provider, have given the company a solid edge – and a broad portfolio of offerings – in the ERP CRM market.

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    AshishERP Guest

    Re: Favorite ERP provider

    I agree Trio that Oracle is by far the leader when it comes to the BPO market in India. But most of the established BPOs fall under large enterprise category rather than Small & medium.

    I think Tally, and to a greater extent Ramco are the preferred vendors of the SME segmentation due to a cost effective advantage. What do you think?

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    Re: Favorite ERP provider

    Whatever be the favorite ERP provider, but the top 5 ERP providers are as follows:
    1. SAP
    2. Oracle
    3. NetSuite
    4. Epicor
    5. Infor

    So, the best among them is SAP.
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    Re: Favorite ERP provider

    There is no doubt that SAP is the best ERP provider hence it is been concerned factor for business process. You may go for Oracle too as it is very convenient tool and efficient as well to go for.

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    AshishERP Guest

    Re: Favorite ERP provider

    Good thoughts guys.. Anyone who has any first hand experience in implementing an ERP solution to a vertical in their business? It'd be great if someone has an account of ERP implementation in the SaaS model.

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