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Thread: How to Convert PSD To Wordpress Themes

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    question How to Convert PSD To Wordpress Themes

    Hi all,
    I am using Wordpress , In wordpress , I found that there is not a simple task to create a Nice Looking Wordpress Theme with vaild XHTML-CSS code. It takes a lot of time and I don’t have knowledge of website designing. I want to some tricks or suggestion that Convert PSD To Wordpress Themes because I have capable with photoshop. Please advice.

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    How to Convert PSD To Wordpress Themes

    You can use Divine that is a Photoshop Plugin to Convert PSD files to Wordpress Themes. The codes shaped by Divine is Search Engine Optimized friendly and optimized for receiving the top positions in the search engines. Divine really helpful is that you don’t need any CSS coding skills to make clean and valid CSS wordpress themes. I suggest you to use this and reply.

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    How to Convert PSD To Wordpress Themes

    I am also using Photoshop plug-in Divine but regardless of of its greatness there are some small boundaries for Divine too. There can be only up to five user particular items. The images are set aside in GIF format only. A Built with Divine link will be show at the themes footer. You can remove it manually. Also layout size must not go beyond 1000×2000px or be lesser than 750×1000px. Best of luck.
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    How to use divine in to Wordpress

    I am downloading the Divine free version from the official website of divine and also installed in on my PC. Now we will touch upon Divine’s Free version ability to convert PSD to Wordpress. But I want to know that how to Use Divine To convert PSD to Wordpress Themes. Thanks for your suggestion.

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    How to Use Divine To convert PSD to Wordpress Themes

    To creating a Wordpress Theme you need to first fill the required PSD file which you created into Photoshop. After that using the available Divine tools you need to allocate the own wordpress elements like header, post title, sidebar, footer etc. in the PSD image. Divine will then automatically make the required HTML / PHP codes for them. After all the elements have been allocate properly, Just push the Publish button. If you have give the FTP details for your server in Divine, the theme will be automatically uploaded. If you love produce nice wordpress themes Divine is a must try Tool.

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    Re: How to Convert PSD To Wordpress Themes

    Is possible to send your design and get converted to WordPress, PSD TO WORDPRESS code your design to a Wordpress Theme.

    The website is PSD to Wordpress.
    They do cross-browser compatible valid WordPress Theme and they offer a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for all customers.
    Hope it's useful :-)

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