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Thread: Internet connection slow on broadband

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    Internet connection slow on broadband

    I have some client who have different types of internet connection. So I need some tips of optimizing the internet speed on ISDN, ADSL or CABLE. Like by doing some changes in the settings can I manipulate the internet speed. If yes then how. The other things I want to is how to get good download speed on a 56k modem. Just for mail purposes. Is there a way by which I can generate additional ports for better speed. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Internet connection slow on broadband

    There are 2 Keys in windows registry which can be used to optimize your Internet connections via ISDN, ADSL or CABLE. Only use this if you are a user of communications such connections. Users of conventional modems (33.6k, 56k in V90 or not), go your way, or read how to optimize your Internet connection. That is 2 entries of MTU (Maximum Transmit Unit) for users of ISDN cards, etc .

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    Re: Internet connection slow on broadband

    An additional cache to accelerate your downloads. Open the SYSTEM.INI file (right click the mouse and then open it with notepad) located in the folder C: \ WINDOWS. In this file, locate the line [386Enh]. Under this line, create a new entry name : ComxBuffer = 1024 (x is the port that your modem is connected). This entry will create a cache that you will save precious seconds during your next Internet downloads.

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    Re: Internet connection slow on broadband

    If you have a 56K dialer modem then here you can do this. You are equipped with a 56K analog modem internal or external, know that you can boost the speed of the port on which it is connected! Originally when you click Control Panel, then Modem \ Properties you will find that the maximum speed of the COM port is limited to 115200 bps.

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    Re: Internet connection slow on broadband

    Open Regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Class \ Modem \ 000. Your modem can also be found under the key 001, 002 ... depending on your configuration. In the right pane, locate the binary value "Properties". Click this value to locate and modify the values C2 01 (they are on the line that begins with 0018, see screens) and change these values by them: 10 0E. Modify the latter and close Regedit and restart Windows.

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    Re: Internet connection slow on broadband

    Click on Control Panel \ Modem \ Properties and speed. Your communication port receives 3 new of speeds (see screens). Be careful though, made several attempts to login, as the CPU after which your modem is equipped, you will probably not boost the port to 921,600 bps (for benefit, the CPU should be clocked at 25 Mhz minimum, see user manual for this info).

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