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Thread: Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

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    Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

    Has anyone out there heard about this. Skype is going to give a HD video calling service on computers and TV's. I am quiet excited about the service on TV's. I need more information on this. How Skype will provide video conferencing on a TV. What are the things needed. Does it allows chats on any network or just Skype to Skype. I use video conferencing online on the computer but the TV this is fascinating.

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    Re: Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

    Yes it is true. But the service is still not yet out. Skype is going to provide face to face video conferencing service a video call in other words on PC and on Skype enabled TV's. That does not means the regular one through your cable network. But the video quality is HD so that you can enjoy maximum benefit of high quality video and sounds. Soon you will able to communicate with your relatives, friends, meetings, etc online in great quality.

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    Re: Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

    This service is called as High Definition Skype Video Calling.This is enabled in the latest version of Skype. The service can give up to 720p of a high definition video at 1280 x 720 resolution @ 30fps. So that you can get an smoother but clear quality video. But and condition lies for this. You will need install a high speed broadband connection with the new HD webcam to deliver optimum performance. Your system must have a 1.8 Ghz of processor for smoother performance.

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    Re: Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

    I am not sure about the TV's but the same is correct for a computer. I hope this relates to a media server. What I know about this that the latest latest beta version of this software allows you to stream a HD quality video that too live from anywhere. This makes the video much richer and clear. Although this need a high speed connection which is not cost effective for a single users.

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    Re: Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

    This is really exciting. You have heard the right thing. Skype is going to come soon on your Television set. That means now you can talk to anyone right sitting in front of your Television and enjoy a live and meaningful video. But this will take some time to come. It is assured that this product will be soon in this year. All you need is a widescreen high definition TV with a specially build HD webcam and a high speed broadband connection.

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    Re: Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

    With the new Skype you can talk to anyone on sitting front of your TV. This the first generation version of Skype which has TV's enabled service in them. This is termed as the future of video conferencing. So you will just need a internet enabled TV set and a HD webcam. Normally the TV's have Skype built in them. So you have to get a TV set which is enabled with Skype. The two brands who came forward with it are LG and Panasonic.

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    Re: Skype HD Video Conference on Tv

    I'm not sure that television, but at the same time, it is the right equipment. I hope this is related to the Media Server. What I know about this version newer than the latest beta, you can stream HD quality video, but also to live anywhere. This video makes it a richer and clearer. While this is a great speed access, which is not cost-effective for users.

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