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Thread: Install Crazy Browser on my computer.

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    Install Crazy Browser on my computer.

    Hi there, I have been using my desktop from last 4 years. I have installed the windows 7 on it which was initially windows xp. Now i just want some change with web browser on my computer. I am using internet explorer from last many yeas and i have got bored by using it. One of my friend is using the Crazy Browser. Me too want to download it and have some different experience while browsing the web.

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    About Crazy Browser.

    Actually, you are going on right track. Crazy browser will surely make much changes in web browsing. Specially when you have got bored by using the same browser form such a long time. Crazy browser is a powerful browser compared to the other browsers. Actually it makes web browsing much more comfortable and non confusing. It also provides a Smart Pop-Up Blocker which will be blocking all the annoying pop-ups automatically.

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    Download Crazy Browser.

    It is the most important thing with any browser that when it provides the multi tab feature within the one browser window. What will happen when user opens bit more number of tabs in the one window of browser, usually browser crashes. So for this kind of purposes, Browser should be stable even after opening the much number of tabs in same window. In this case Crazy Browser performs most stable tabbed Web browser. To download this browser, click on the Crazy Browser.
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    Features of Crazy Browser.

    Following are the features that are been provided by the Crazy Browser.

    1. Groups: By just one click, you can make different groups of sites that all are open on different tabs.
    2. Multimedia Data Loading: It will be controlling the download of multimedia, ActiveX, Images, Videos etc.
    3. It can handle multiple monitors.
    4. It has indicators for Tab status.
    5. You can open a new tab by clicking the middle mouse button.
    6. P3P privacy policy and zone-based security assignments are completely supported by the Crazy Browser.
    7. You can zoom web pages.

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    New features of Crazy Browser.

    some new features are added to the Crazy browser as follows.
    1. This browser can add RSS Auto-Discovery.
    2. Shift + Right-click on any image will show the Add to Content Filter dialog.
    3. Ctrl + Right-click on image will quickly saves the image.
    4. Now you can add support for Keyboard Zoom Slider.
    5. Ctrl + Mouse wheel will help you with the zooming of web page.

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    System Requirements for Crazy Browser.

    Here are the system requirements that are needed to use Crazy Browser.

    1. Processor should be of 486DX/66 or higher.
    2. Operating System can be Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or Windows NT 4.0 or later.
    3. It will be asking for 2 Mb of Disk Space and 16 Mb of RAM.
    4. Your computer must be having Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later.

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