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Thread: Exciting Firefox addon in 2009

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    Exciting Firefox addon in 2009

    Exciting Firefox addon in 2009
    Year 2009 was a rebuilding year for Firefox addons. This year Firefox has implemented two new frameworks, which will help the future of addons. Here are some of the most popular Firefox addon of 2009.

    1) Personas - Personas for Firefox is an add-on that allows you to customize its interface just Firefox 3. This addon will allow you to change both the colors of your browser but also change the shapes of various search bar and other buttons on the interface of Firefox 3.

    2) Jetpack - A new programming interface to facilitate further development of new extensions. Jetpack requires only basic knowledge of Web (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and a few tens of lines may be sufficient to develop an add. This environment allows anyone who can code a web page to adjust the browser.

    3) Weave Sync - It allows synchronization securely between multiple positions when the browser is present. Are concerned bookmarks, browsing history and form fields, tabs, saved passwords and preferences. In this way, regardless of which device the user uses the browser, it will always have access to his user profile with Weave. The user data are encrypted before being uploaded to Mozilla's servers, which ensures their safety, because only the legitimate user has access.

    4) AdBlock Plus - It can really block ALL what you can find on an HTML page: images (gif, jpeg, wallpapers, ...), flash animations, frames, scripts etc. Installing Adblock add a link in the status bar of the browser. Clicking on a window appears and displays all elements (images, frames, Flash files, scripts, etc..) That can be blocked. Items that are already blocked appear in red. Clicking on any of the blocked, you can see which filter has been applied.

    5) Multi Links - Multi-Links is an extension for Firefox which opens plusiurs links a single click-drag. Click on a series of links can sometimes be tedious and a real waste of time, especially when the task is repeated. Multi Links adds a nifty little feature in Firefox. Click on an inactive area of the web page visited and Multi-Links will be activated. A noose appears, allowing then multiple selection through the delineation of an area of the screen. The colors, borders and style are completely configurable, so that the final behavior.

    6) FastestFox - The principle of Fasterfox is to cache the pages of the site in the background, to load faster then. This extension adds an icon in the options of your Firefox browser (Tools> Options), and its interface offers a choice of settings. The user has the choice between the proposed default settings but can also create their own rules.

    7) PageZipper - This is a Firefox extension that will automatically download and display the next page. It is fully available and could act proactively in advance by loading the next page you'll read. This extension is very practice Particularly on sites photos. On some pages, simply scroll down to start the download automatically. On others, simply click the bookmarklet PageZipper. In any case it is very useful on blogs to use and abuse of pagination to increase views and pubs.

    8) Wikipedia Diver - This allow better determination the quality of Wikipedia articles.
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    Re: Exciting Firefox addon in 2009

    Must say the add-ons features of Mozilla Firefox makes it look and perform much better. Adding a Persona makes the Firefox browser look better. You can keep on changing the persona as per your choice. I personally liked the AdBlock Plus add-on of Mozilla Firefox. With the help of it, i was able to block the contents by adding an additional filter, thus setting up rules to view only those files which obeys the settings and blocking ever other unnecessary things. In all the add-ons of Mozilla Firefox are amazing, but i have also noticed that there are few which slow downs the performance of Firefox.

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