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Thread: TweetDeck for Social networking

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    TweetDeck for Social networking

    Does anyone heard about TweetDeck. It is a facebook types thing which helps to get in touch with each other. I found my friend using it and they want me too. I don't have this on my Windows Vista computer. But on the other hand before going to buy I need some overview of it. How to use it and how it works.

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    Re: TweetDeck for Social networking

    I do not know more about the TweetDeck most of them think that it is designed only for the monitor, but it is not only for the monitor it can be also used for all the store of the information for all the account. You are not need to enter all the details every times you have to see only what is the new in it. It also provide the support to the Twitter.

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    Re: TweetDeck for Social networking

    It is mainly used in the interface, which can be also used in the multifunctional windows with the help of this you can easily resize it. As the columns in it has the default size. With this you can open the columns on the main window where you can update to the different account. And it also give you the right to enter in the single column view.

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    Re: TweetDeck for Social networking

    It is commonly follow in the general sense and rules, which can be comes in the of the functional buttons and the bars. You can see on the top corner on the right side of the window. You can also see the login and the logout buttons and also get the help of the setting in the single column and then refresh it.

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    Re: TweetDeck for Social networking

    In this if you had set the account in it then you have to just click the categories which you want in it to the monitor and then it will open the new column. In this way you can add the number of column in the window which can separate the panels from each of the social network. For this account you can search for a certain friend for it.

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    Re: TweetDeck for Social networking

    From the above reply you can be able to know a little information on the TweetDeck. If you want to activate the facebook on the monitor, then you can add a number of columns and in that you can see all the news. The updates status, wall posts, image etc. That also in every groups. It also comes in the MySpace in this you can also see the friends' activity stream.
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