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Thread: Google Calendar import

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    Google Calendar import

    Hello there, I am a new user to the internet. I am trying to learn about many of the applications that are supported with the internet on my system. So, one of my friends told me about the Google calender. But, I do not have any idea about how to do a Google Calendar import. I need help from those who have any idea how to do it and it will be good if someone explains me about how to go about it in a stepwise manner.

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    Re: Google Calendar import

    To do a Google Calendar import, follow the steps given below:
    1. Start Outlook.
    2. Now, go to File menu.
    3. Next, click on Import and Export.
    4. After that, click on Export to a file.
    5. Now, select Comma Separated Values (DOS).
    6. Here, you are needed to install the translator over here.
    7. Now, you can select the folder from where you have to export: that is CALENDER
    8. You will have to Browse the file, name it and save the same.
    9. Now, click on Next.
    10. Now, after all the actions have been performed click on Finish.
    11. Now, you simply have to allow the export to take place.
    12. Now, open Google Calender.
    13. You will have to click on the link for the ADD that is available at the bottom right corner of the OTHER CALENDERS box. You will find it on the left side of the page of the calender.
    14. Now, under the calender settings, you have to click on the Import Calender link.
    15. You will have to select the exported file by clicking on the Browse button.
    16. Select your calender from here.
    17. Then, you just have to click on import and wait for a while.

    It will be successfully imported.

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    Re: Google Calendar import

    Here is a method of the Google Calendar import, which you can use to import events:
    • Click on the ADD down arrow button of the calender list, that you can see on the page on the left hand side.
    • Here, you have to select the Import calender option that will let you to import the calender that you want.
    • Finally the Google calender has to be selected, where the events have to be imported and then, click on Import.

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    Re: Google Calendar import

    I want to thank both for helping me with the information and giving me your views. The import was very much successful without any problems. I just wanted to get one more information. Is it also possible to have an export of the events in the calender? I request to have some suitable suggestions as soon as possible as this is a very urgent task that I need to perform now.

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    Re: Google Calendar import

    Hello, here is a method that you can use to have the Google Calendar import. You will net the iCal2GCal Import Utility for this purpose. First you will have to do the mounting and then, use the following scripting:
    1. Firstly, loading of ahs to be done.
    2. Now, select Mail, then Preferences and after that Rules.
    3. Here, a new rule has to be created.
    4. You will have to limit the rule as such that it should only be used for the messages along with iCal attachments setup. So, they will be able to work only with the attachments that have the .ics.
    5. You will have to then, select the appropriate rule that you can use to run an applescript.
    6. Finally, select the i2gcal.scpt, that is the applescript.

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    Re: Google Calendar import

    As mentioned above, since you know the steps on how to do a Google Calendar import, you can also do the export of the events too. You simply have to select export at the place where you were selecting import. So, the events will be automatically exported when you select the other alternative or option. Just give it a try and you will find it successful.

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