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Thread: How to take Google documents backup?

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    How to take Google documents backup?

    I have heard about the news that must backup our Gmail data. I have searched for the related information on the internet. I have got the method for taking backup from the Gmail but the steps which are mentioned are too complicated. Is there any application available in the market for taking Gmail backup?

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    Re: How to take Google documents backup?

    There many application available in market for taking backup from Gmail. I will suggest you to go for “Gmail Keeper”. It is software which is used for taking email backup. This software is specially designed for taking email backup from Gmail and Google Apps user. The cost of this software is around $19.95. You can download free version of this software which is available for an evaluation period.

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    Re: How to take Google documents backup?

    According to me Gmail Backup is the best application for taking backups from your Gmail.
    Gmail Backup is a migration tool for Gmail service from Google. You can backup or restore your emails on any email account from Google.
    The features of this Google application are:
    1. Backup your emails on Google Apps
    2. Restore emails
    3. Incremental backup

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    Re: Zimbara server for taking backup

    If your are user of google apps then you need to backup your google apps. For that I will suggest you to go for Zimbra server. It is a server which is dedicated to manage all of the mailbox content, contacts, attachments etc. Zimbra mailbox has devoted volumes for backup. Zimbra require a licence for creating accounts. The licences has to be purchased, but the cost you will pay for this is not too high. You have to take care that user should renew license within 30 days.
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    Re: How to take Google documents backup?

    For backing up your google calendar, user have to set up a complete bi directional Gcal sysn using the cross platform GCalDaemon. GCalDaemon ensure that user will get latest backup. For taking backup of your Google docs and spread sheets user has to use Greasemonkey script. For taking backup of your photos user has to Picasa web albums.

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