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Thread: Firefox : The plugin has performed an illegal operation

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    Firefox : The plugin has performed an illegal operation


    I don't know what is happening but every time I try enter a website that requires Media Player, I get an error message:

    "Illegal Operation in Plug-in plug-in performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to restart Firefox." And then it crashes. What is the problem ???

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    Re: Firefox : The plugin has performed an illegal operation

    This error is only concern with the Flash Player Plugin. An "illegal operation" with Windows Media Player is normally the result of blocking Javascript (or by NoScript, or options in Firefox). However, if you consistently encounter this problem on sites with Flash, like YouTube or Dailymotion, first check that your computer is not infected.

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    Re: Firefox : The plugin has performed an illegal operation

    Possible conflict between different versions of plugins or use dll corrupted. In fact, after installation and when that plugin is required on a site, Firefox will first try to find those that are installed on the system (we are talking about Windows here). It is therefore possible, in some cases that Firefox uses the wrong version or a hacked version, or there is conflict between multiple versions installed.
    • Start by typing in the address bar about: plugins to check the installed plugins and their versions.
    • By default, the window open so that Firefox does not give the location of the plugin used. To view the full path of these files, type about: config in the address bar of Firefox. Search option plugin.expose_full_path and double-click it to go from false to true.
    • For a list in text format plugins installed, you can open the file pluginreg.dat located in the profile (\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\). With notepad of Windows, this file is not very readable and it is better to open, for example, with Notepad + + . Do not edit or modify this file.
    • Another technique, search for files np32dsw.dll and NPSWF32.dll on the whole system (in the search window, ask also searches the system folders, files and hidden folders and subfolders) .
    • You can try to delete all versions of these files with the latest version (see the Adobe website to know the number of recent versions).

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    Re: Firefox : The plugin has performed an illegal operation

    Various other possible causes error in Firefox with plugins Flash Player and / or Shockwave:
    • Allow the Flash while blocking Javascript.
    • Installing the ActiveX plugin for Mozilla.
    • If you have installed, uninstall the plugin and / or delete the directory npmozax.dll Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ plugins.
    • The option "Display a label for Flash and Java" in the configuration of the extension Adblock or Adblock Plus (an old story but you never know).
    • Using simultaneous FlashBlock and NoScript.
    • Verify that neither QuickTime, Real Player does not have adequate reading Flash files (Control Panel> QuickTime> File Types and ditto for Real)
    • Verify that the driver of the graphics card is up to date.

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