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Thread: How to remove Duplicate Contacts in Gmail?

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    How to remove Duplicate Contacts in Gmail?

    I have many duplicate contacts in my Gmail contacts list. Gmail creates duplicate contacts without any of the action on my part. I had to recombine my own entry back down in to one contact, and had to the same with the other contact present in my contact list of Gmail. I have done this more than once. I do not know what the reason is. Why Gmail account is showing the duplicate contacts in my contact list. But it is very annoying experience. Can anybody suggest me a solution for this?

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    Re: How to remove Duplicate Contacts in Gmail?

    Actually there are some legal occasions where Gmail has to keep multiple entries for the same person. For example you are having the email address of your friend and your friend emails you from his or her work desk. Google is now offering a good application which can be used to merge these two contacts. Clicking on multiple contacts will give you a present unified entry that user can save or modify.

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    Re: Steps for removing duplicate contacts.

    I was also suffering with the same problem, now I have got the solution for this problem. This solution will work for you if you are using Mac operating system.
    Step1: Export your Gmail contacts to csv
    Step2: Import that in ical
    Step3: Now remove all the duplicate contacts
    Step4: Delete all the previous contacts from Gmail contact list.
    Step5: Export contact from ical.
    Step6: Now import the new contact list in google.
    This has worked for me.

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    Re: Steps for removing duplicate contacts.

    For removing all the duplicate contacts from your gmail account just follow these simple steps.
    1. Login in your gmail account and go to the contact list.
    2. Click on the button with the name “Find duplicate”
    3. After that gmail will scan your contacts for all the possible duplicate entry.
    4. Now you can choose the contacts and can merge them in to one.

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    Re: How to remove Duplicate Contacts in Gmail?

    I will suggest you to download Duplicate Contact Manager. Duplicate Contact Manager is a freeware and useful application tool for managing your duplicate contact. Freeware version of this software comes with the limited features. For accessing all the feature of this software you have to buy this software from its official site. I am recommending this software because I have used this software and completely satisfied with its performance.
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    Re: How to remove Duplicate Contacts in Gmail?

    I have experienced the same problem before. My Gmail contacts were duplicated when I have it synced.I have hundreds even thousand of contacts duplicated. But still I'm very thankful, I have found Scrubly. The process is simple; it scans your Gmail contact folders and look for duplicate contacts. If Scrubly finds any exact or Compatible Contacts, it will remove or merge them automatically. They even have a back up so I can have the original copy just in case. I truly appreciate an accurate address book each time I go to look up a contact.I have read also their blog about troubleshooting services for Mac. Hope this will be a great solution on your issues.
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