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Thread: How does a wifi works

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    How does a wifi works

    Wireless networks is actually a hot topic today, this is a subject that you cannot ignore. For some time many advertisements based on this technology to promote an Internet subscription here, restaurants and there and even public places. But what is a wireless network. How it works and for what what purposes does it is applied. I need some simple explanation on this. The technology today is enough to provide maximum support and it is safe also or not.

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    Re: How does a wifi works

    It means Wireless Fidelity. Maybe it was an expected standard for connecting speakers to an amplifier Hi-Fi wireless systems. A network in the computer sense, is a set of systems to provide at least 2 devices in a language comprehensible to everyone. The goal is to pass digital information according to certain standards, regardless of the means of transmission. It is, in most cases, wireline, but may also be optical or wireless. Wifi is gaining importance everyday due to its cost effective and wide area features.

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    Re: How does a wifi works

    Wifi uses radio waves to transmit data. There are many standards defining different types of characteristics, in particular the frequency of waves used and their theoretical maximum speeds. As you know, the computer data are sent as 1 and 0, or 2 possible states. However, for technical reasons it is virtually impossible to send 1 and 0 on the airwaves. The values are coded on 11 bits, called Barker sequence see the example below. 1 corresponds to the sequence 10,110,111,000 0 corresponds to the sequence 01,001,000,111.

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    Re: How does a wifi works

    Wifi if you go in technical details it is not really required. The above post shows you a sequence of digital transmission. The sequences are opposed, even if some signal is lost, it is quite easy to redefine what the initial sequence. Once encoded, it must transmit the information using a technique called for PSK Phase Shift Keying allows for each bit sent, to produce a phase rotation of PI / 2. This helps to insulate each sequence sent and overcome technical problems inherent in radio transmission.

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    Re: How does a wifi works

    The hardware for running wifi are though very costly but effective. Then the issue comes for data transer speed and security. Normally many of them gives out speed of 1 Mbit / s only. Reducing the size of the rotation which allows data rates 2 times higher, or 2 Mbps. However, these flows are not sufficient and other techniques are needed, such as encoding data on 4 or 8 bits per sequence of 64 bits, method called CCK (Complementary Code Queying).

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    Re: How does a wifi works

    All electrical equipment produces electromagnetic waves, the disturbances are more important, the more they will scramble the signal transmission wi-fi. In practice, as we have seen in this article about the D-Link hardware, the actual throughput on the 802.11g (54 Mbps theoretical), not rarely exceed 10 Mbits / s from one PC to another. The issue is omnidirectional radio waves & the waves go in all directions, and bounce into parts on all the obstacles they face, in particular, our homes, walls, partitions and furniture.
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