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Thread: how to use voice commands on Opera Web browser

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    how to use voice commands on Opera Web browser

    Hi,, i have some important query here. i heard some where that we can also work with the help of Voice commands using Opera. Is that true ? If yes, please let me know how can i use Voice commands to work with Opera Browser and what are the commands ? Help appreciated...

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    Re: how to use voice commands on Opera Web browser

    Opera with Voice lets you control the browser by talking to it, and generates speech from text in Web pages. Your computer has to run Windows 2000 or XP, and it needs to have a functioning sound card as well as a microphone and speakers or a headset properly connected.The Voice feature is only available for the English language and the Windows platform at this point.

    Before using Voice commands in Opera you need to take care of these 3 things:-
    1. Make sure the volume controls for microphone and speakers are not zero or muted.

    2. JavaScript needs to be enabled for voice-enabled documents to work properly.

    3. Disabling sound in Web pages will also disable voice.

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    Re: how to use voice commands on Opera Web browser

    You can control the Opera user interface with your own voice, along with or instead of the mouse and keyboard. Here is how to do that:-

    • First of all, you need to enable the option to control Opera using your voice. Press Ctrl+F12 or go to Tools > Preferences to launch the preference dialog.
    • When you have enabled the option, you will be asked whether you want to download and install the voice libraries. Confirm, and Opera will handle the rest automatically.
    • Go to a Web page or keep this page open.
    • Click and hold the "Voice" button on the View bar.
    • Say "Opera reload page" into your microphone and let go of the voice button.

    With a few attempts at pronunciation you should be able to tell Opera to do a variety of things, for example to read selected text from a Web page. Just highlight the text, click the voice button and say "Opera speak".

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    Re: how to use voice commands on Opera Web browser

    You can find the complete list of Voice commands and their actions taken by Opera Browser here, just go through this link :-

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