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    iChat Screen Sharing


    I have a problem with I chat. When I open it and start to iChat Screen Sharing, one Mac to another (through Internet), it connects for a few seconds and then disappears. "Disconnected from Screen Sharing because: Screen Sharing could not be established." I've enabled screen sharing in iChat video menu and under the sharing settings.

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    Re: iChat Screen Sharing

    This is not very "secure" but in fact good, besides the that our communication of this kind are rare, I think be sufficiently attentive to the input / output of my Mac to avoid intrusion. Moreover, this may bring viruses to your computer. An alternative maybe the Screen Sharing App invoked in the GO Menu of the FINDER using VNC://

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    Re: iChat Screen Sharing

    I would recommend simply activate screen sharing in System Preferences and use the screen sharing applications or other VNC client. The reason is that this way you can have a password, while the password only for automatic acceptance mode is the password of iChat, which is very likely to be set to log on automatically. Remember that if you do this, any person having the right information you can access and control your computer.

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    Re: iChat Screen Sharing

    Make sure only one device is the DHCP service on the LAN. Try changing the port and there is the announcement for Zyxels from iChat 2) Port Mapping Protocol at the airport (or other UPnP devices) to address the random port that is needed. Check if your ISP does not block VNC connections. Many ISPs are blocking port 5060 for SIP using previous versions of iChat to use.

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    Re: iChat Screen Sharing

    Your network configuration may include firewalls, routers, or a combination of both.Mac OS X comes with an integrated firewall. If your Mac is connected directly to the Internet, eg via a broadband modem, the local firewall must allow traffic through iChat iChat to work properly.

    Alternatively, your Mac can connect to the Internet via a base station or router, such as an AirPort Extreme. In this case, the configuration of the base station or wireless router may have to be changed to allow iChat to work. Of course, if you use a combination of firewalls and routers, you may need to change settings on these devices to allow iChat audio chats and video to take his place.

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