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Thread: How to print an EBook from your printer?

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    How to print an EBook from your printer?

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to print an ebook with the 259 pages? It is in pdf format. I want to print that book as it is rare and even if I got that book anywhere I have to pay more than the cost of printing. So, can anyone help me to print that ebook?

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    Re: How to print an EBook from your printer?

    Hi, this is a simple thing to print an ebook from your printer. You just need to give command of the by selecting the file option and then clicking on print. So, just try it. And I think if that book is in pdf format then it will provide you the option of print on itself. Just check whether is having or not? I think you will find it in that book page. But, if it is not available then just use the file>>print option and print that ebook.

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    Re: How to print an EBook from your printer?

    Hi, you are asking how to Print Your eBook. You can use different configurations for printing your ebook. If you are unable to print with the help of any configuration then try for another or just reboot your system, and try again. To get the pages to print one-page-per-sheet, you need to use a printer setting called "Scale to Fit Page" or "Reduce to Fit." If you don't get this setting the you may need to use the “Landscape” setting. While printing whole ebook you need to have to print per page one by one as it may provide you problem while printing the whole ebook with accurate printing. That means it may happen that some pages are not printed while printing.

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    Re: How to print an EBook from your printer?

    Hi, you want to print EBOOK from your printer, then that is simple. You just need to give print command from that particular ebook. If you download that pdf book first and then print that book, then that will provide you more simple printing solution than directly printing that book from internet. If it is possible to you to download that ebook, then first download that book and then try to print that book. Or else just print directly that ebook by clicking on file and then print.

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