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Thread: Windows Surface Information

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    Windows Surface Information

    Microsoft Surface-
    Microsoft Surface is a product of Microsoft that lets users manage digital content with hand movements or objects. This technology is the result of the combination of software with hardware. The first customers were hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Surface is essentially a computer running Windows Vista inside a black table base. At the top is a touch screen (touchscreen) 30-inch protected by an acrylic box. Five cameras that are underneath that can detect objects approaching the screen. Users can interact with the computer by touching or moving their fingers and objects such as paintbrushes across the screen or with real world elements marked with a special bar code.

    Surface has a screen of 30 inches (76 cm) embedded in a table size of 56 cm high, 53 cm deep and 108 cm wide. Upper Surface is of acrylic and its interior frame is powder coated steel. The software runs under Windows Vista and has connections Ethernet 10/100, wireless 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth 2.0. Surface can also respond to more than a touch. In addition to recognizing finger movements, Microsoft Surface can also identify physical objects that have a barcode. Microsoft announced that if a person a glass of wine on the table, then we can suggest some alternatives of wine for each diner. Surface has bluetooth connectivity, enabling digital content exchange between mobile phones and digital cameras with the computer. The problem is cost, it will be between 5000 and 10000 dollars. It is originally thought to work in hotels, bars, restaurants (one of those well expensive), and in the future will be "accessible to everyone," says Microsoft.

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    Re: Windows Surface Information

    Specifications of Microsoft Surface:
    • Microsoft Surface has 76 cm i.e. 30 inches display, 22 – inch height, 42 – inch width and 21 inch depth.
    • The top of the Surface is made of acrylic and the inner frame is made of power coated steel.
    • Microsoft Surface is running Windows Vista operating system.
    • It includes Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity, Wired Ethernet 10 / 100 and Bluetooth v2.0 connectivity.
    • 2.66 GHz Intel Core Quad Xeon (Woodcrest) processor with a motherboard (2 ATX motherboards size)
    • DDR2 1066 4 GB RAM and 7200 rpm 1 TB hard disk drive.

    The latest Microsoft Surface 2.0 features:
    • 40 inches display
    • Full LCD HD 1080p display screen and HD Radeon 6700 M.
    • 2.9 GHz AMD Athlon 2 X2 Processor.
    • Windows 7 operating system
    • Also supports Windows Phone 7.
    • Surface includes a latest Pixel Sense technology.

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