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Thread: No login to my yahoo id

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    No login to my yahoo id

    HI. Well I have a yahoo id and the problem is from past few days I am not able to login to my Yahoo ID. I am clueless and has no idea what to do. It was working fine but now when I try to login I am not. What can be the issue? Please anyone suggest me a solution to the problem. I am totally confused and has no idea what has to be done.

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    Re: No login to my yahoo id

    Well the problem can be that you are not able to access your account is that your account might be expired. The problem can be due to no login into the account for quite a long time. You need to create a new account now. this issues occur when you do not login into your particular Id for a long time. There is a limitations that you need to log in to your atleast once till the time for your grace period.

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    Re: No login to my yahoo id

    Hello. There can be a possibility with a minor mistake you might be making while logging into your account and that can be due to entering incorrect parameters. You may be entering the password wrongly or it can be that you are entering letters keeping your caps lock key on. Also might be you are misspelling your Id. Check out for this things.

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    Re: No login to my yahoo id

    There can be possibility that your ID might have been hacked. Some other user might have got your password and made the certain changes due to which you are not now able to access anymore to your account. This does happen when your password is been leaked or some personal information. You can report to yahoo by clicking on the link not able to access provided by yahoo. You need to do some confirmations as well. Good luck.

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