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Thread: How to Enable Cookies in Firefox 3

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    How to Enable Cookies in Firefox 3


    I've tried searching all over the Internet. Whenever I try to visit phpBB2 Forums, I have to clean my cookies before logging in, so how to Enable Cookies in Firefox 3 and I also I get Yahoo and Google, bad request errors. Thanks to whoever finds a solution to my problem.

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    Re: How to Enable Cookies in Firefox 3

    Most cookies are useful in web browsing. Some cookies lasts only until you close your browser. Whether you choose to allow cookies, or not allow, you can always make exceptions, but when you click the Exceptions button. You can not enter a web address (the URL of the site you want to block or allow) and select Block, Allow for Session (allow up to close and reopen Firefox) or Allow. You can also remove any site from the list.

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    Re: How to Enable Cookies in Firefox 3

    To enable cookies in Firefox 3

    • Click on "Tools" on top of your browser
    • Click on "Options" from the dropdown menu
    • Click the "Privacy" in the left section of the pop up window Expand the Cookies section
    • Check the "Enable Cookies" and then check the radio button "Accept cookies normally"
    • Click OK to save changes

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    Re: How to Enable Cookies in Firefox 3

    Cookies are small files that Web sites use information stored on your computer (such as automatic login and site preferences). To enable and disable cookies in Firefox.

    Cookies are enabled by default in Firefox. To check the settings: 3.5/3.6:
    1.At the top of the window, On Firefox menu bar, click Tools- Firefox Edit menu and select Options ... Preferences ....
    2.Select the Privacy panel.
    3.Set Firefox: To use a custom setting for the story.
    Make Accept cookies from sites.
    4.Check to allow cookies, and disable to disable them.
    ■ If you are troubleshooting problems with cookies, make sure Accept cookies from third parties is also check marked. For more information, see Disabling third party cookies.
    5.Choose how much time is allowed to store cookies:
    ■ Keep until: they expire: Each cookie is deleted when it reaches its expiration date, which is set by the site that sent the cookie.
    ■ Keep until: I close Firefox: Cookies that are stored on your computer are removed when you close Firefox.
    ■ Keep until: every time I ask: Displays an alert every time a website attempts to send that asks if you want to save.
    6.Click OK to close the Options windowClick Close to close the Preferences window Preferences windowClose

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    Re: How to Enable Cookies in Firefox 3

    To change your cookie preferences:

    1.Open the Edit menu and select Preferences.
    2.Under privacy and security category, choose Cookies. (If no subcategories are visible, double-click on the category to expand the list.)
    3.Click one of the radio buttons:

    Enable cookies for the originating web site: Choose this option if you do not want to accept cookies or return of Foreign Affairs. Cookies received through email (when the message contains a web page) are treated as "cookies" foreigners.

    Enable all cookies: Choose this option to allow all sites to set cookies on your computer and receive them again on subsequent visits. Note: If you select this option and later decide to reject all cookies, you may still have some older cookies stored on your computer (though not new is created).

    4.See you want to be notified when a website tries to set a cookie, select "Warn me before storing a cookie."

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