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Thread: Activation code for hi5

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    Activation code for hi5

    I haven't receive my hi5 activation code. Due to which i'm not able to activate my hi5 account. How can i receive my activation code in order to activate my hi5 account so i can send messages? Does any body knows about it? Please let me know the correct way for doing it. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Activation code for hi5

    You need to enter the account and then click on mail, after that you need to select the inbox. Recheck your email it may be somewhere in spam folder. It would have helped us if you could give much details about the mail you are using.

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    Re: Activation code for hi5

    Hi5 is a very big community and thing takes time. If you have used your yahoo e-mail address to register hi5, you will have to check the Spam folder in your yahoo mail inbox. Go to your email and check for the hi5 activation email if you can not find it in the inbox, then check in spam or junk file. Open the Spam folder to get the activation message from hi5.

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    Re: Activation code for hi5

    For Hotmail or Live e-mail addresses used for hi5 registrations, check your Junk folder in your mail inbox. But if you do not receive that code in a couple of days you should contact someone from the hi5 staff. Please contact our support team by sending an email to from the email you used on hi5. We will be able to assist you by email.

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    Re: Activation code for hi5

    I think you have a problem in getting the hi5 activation code, these usually happen due the overload in the traffic on the server that is in the hi5 server. If you don’t get the code within one to two min. then you can resend the message for the code. After that check your code in your email account. After all that if you don’t get the activation code just create a new account and then send the message foe the code and you will get the code.

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