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Thread: How do I backup my GMail account?

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    How do I backup my GMail account?


    I'm very conscious with the support of my data, after it suffered a hard disk of my worst accidents earlier this year. Backup to me is not synonymous with work, because every day i make changes to files, creating new software and many other things I'd like to lose.

    I have used various ways of backing up data, including email files to myself, burn the files to a CD, copying multiple computers on your network so do each of these things is a little slow and buggy. Can anyone help me to backup my GMail account ??

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    Re: How do I backup my GMail account?

    If you use Gmail, you can create a Gmail account whose sole purpose is to get messages from your account. Set up mail fetcher in the backup account and add the main account as a custom From address. Thus, you can read all messages in your account and to send mail.

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    Re: How do I backup my GMail account?

    If you use MS Outlook and pop your mail from GMail, it's all good because you have downloaded your email. (unless you deleted it) I use MS Outlook, from time to time just to get my emails from Gmail.

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    Re: How do I backup my GMail account?

    I use Thunderbird2.0 backup of my Gmail account. My Gmail is quite large (1GB), and in more than 1 day, 60% have downloaded it, and the program crashed. I tried to restart the backup, the program re-started by the right to repeat download from the first email again. I tried all kinds of solutions proposed in the Internet including uninstall and delete the program from the system and reinstall. It held the error to the extent that the program is interrupted while downloading the Gmail email. After losing 2 days, I gave up and used Microsoft's Outlook, which worked perfectly. Although really do not like Microsoft, could not afford to waste time just playing with a problematic software.

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    Re: How do I backup my GMail account?

    What if I have not do this before, could I do back-up though the above way?
    I'm afraid that new Gmail account would not fetch the old mails.

    Sorry if this question is too stupid....

    There may be another problem if you use another Gmail account as you back-up destination of your own gmail account. Once if both of your gmail account has broken at the same, you may want to die immidiately...

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