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Thread: The server is busy - yahoo webcam problem

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    The server is busy - yahoo webcam problem


    I've have pc with windows xp installed for a couple weeks now and everything seems to working fine except for my webcam, When I tried to use webcam through Messenger, I get the error message: The server is busy. Please close the window and try again in a few minutes. what was the problem about that?? I can't use my webcam.

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    Re: The server is busy - yahoo webcam problem

    Turn Off your firewall and check if the same thing is happening? Your firewall must permit outgoing TCP connections on port 5100. Please make sure that : Protocol: TCP Port: 5100 Most Internet service providers (ISPs) do not have firewalls or proxies, but you should contact your network administrator or ISP to get accurate information.

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    Re: The server is busy - yahoo webcam problem

    To resolve your problem, Make sure you are using the "No proxies" connection setup. To select this option: 1. Click the "Messenger" menu in Messenger and select "Preferences". 2. The link "Click on the category." 3. Select the "No proxies" option. 4. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window. 5. Close Messenger altogether and start the program again. This should eliminate the error message.

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    Re: The server is busy - yahoo webcam problem

    If you have dial-up connection, you have to live with him - he uses to convey with the photo of little dial-up. That's an option to change when the webcam is broadcasting, Check the connection settings, Open Messenger - in the toolbar Home> Messenger> Preferences> Connection - select "No proxies" or "direct connection to the Internet" depending on the version of Messenger you have, Make sure your Internet connection and country are correct in the bottom boxes> Apply> OK

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