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Thread: Add-on for translating text in Firefox

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    Add-on for translating text in Firefox

    I am using Firefox as my default web browser on my Windows XP system. As per my job profile some times i need to translate any text from the web page to some other language. For that i need to open Google translate or yahoo babel fish and than get the result. One of my colleague has suggested me that there is some add-on out for Firefox that can translate the text right there. Could you guys please let me know about the add-on and where can i download the same ?

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    Re: Add-on for translating text in Firefox

    Yeah, there is add-on for Firefox and it is called as gTranslate. With gTranslate you can translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it. Once you get this add-on installed, If you select some text and then right click, you'll see new translation option. The tool will be an automatic translation of the first part of the text right next to the menu display, which will be all you need if you are just a few words or a phrase chosen small.The extension uses the Google translation services to translate the text.

    Download gTranslate

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    Re: Add-on for translating text in Firefox

    gTranslate acts as technical means for the immediate online language translation service by Google in Firefox for more convenient for users in the event which features they need to do some translation. With edge to install the browser when the user translations for some words or phrases need, users only need to emphasize particular words or phrases, then right click.


    • Translates from/to the following languages:
      • English
      • Arabic
      • Bulgarian
      • Chinese
      • Dutch
      • Finnish
      • many more
    • Option to automatically identify the language of the original text.
    • Option to detect the "lang" attribute of the of the selected text (or the whole page).
    • Option to set the destination language to the browser locale.
    • Replace texts from input and textareas form fields.
    • Image title or alt attributes can be translated too.

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    Re: Add-on for translating text in Firefox

    Remember that with gTranslate you can only translate selected text and not a full page. For doing so still need to enter the page's URL on the Google Translate site.If you select a long paragraph for translation, the shortcut sub-menu is unable to display the whole translation within the limited space.Look if you have the Image zoom extension installed. Seems like gTranslate and Image Zoom doesn't fit well together. To solve the problem uninstall and re-install Image Zoom. If you still have the problem please contact me with the list of installed extensions.

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