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Thread: What is PageRank Lookup?

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    What is PageRank Lookup?


    I have heard about Google page rank but what is PageRank Lookup? What does this tool do? and also what is google pagerank report?? Can any one tell me in detail???

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    Re: What is PageRank Lookup?

    You can check a PageRank for a website using the Google Toolbar (represented by a horizontal blue and grey bar). This tool streamlines the process, enter a list of URLs and it will return the PageRank value for each one.

    About PageRank Google PageRank is a general representation of a website's popularity and is primarily based in link popularity. Website with a high PageRank value will tend to have more traffic and higher positions in search engines (although many other factors are also taken into consideration).

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    Re: What is PageRank Lookup?

    The google pagerank report will monitor the google pagerank unit for the list of through you act in the form below. You can bring an URL per line, and also the "www." In the area for the best results (unless you are 30x redirecting).

    The pagerank controller is very useful if you' with the help of a browser not supported by google toolbars, or if you only want to monitor pagerank to a maximum of 10 sites at a time.

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