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Thread: How to do Spell Check of a Website

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    How to do Spell Check of a Website

    I have many friends having their own blog and websites. I often used to browse their sites and i find many spelling mistakes in their text. Now as i know, Firefox has spell check enabled itself, is there any way to Spell check a website ? If it is there, i wonder it can help friends a lot. Please let me know if it is possible.

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    Re: How to do Spell Check of a Website

    Well, there are many ways to spell check your website. I found and even tried some of them services and they worked fine.At you can enter one word or the body text to spell check Up to 20,000 characters.You can Cut & Paste the text from your web page into Here are the steps you need to follow:-

    • Paste your document into the memo field and click "Check Text Body". Any words that are not in our dictionary will be pointed out with suggested alternatives.

    • After selecting the desired words for the whole document, click "Apply Changes" to place those words into your document.

    • Copy and paste the text body from SpellCheck back into your original document.

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    Re: How to do Spell Check of a Website

    I can suggest you to try Orangoo spell check that lets you spell check your entire website for spelling mistakes. To do this with the entire website, make sure you put in the correct website address (i.e. include www if your site pages are called with www, etc.)Be sure to check your email account in the next few minutes to ensure you do not miss the spelling error report. If you don’t see the report in the next few minutes, check your spam folder to ensure the report was not misidentified.

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    Re: How to do Spell Check of a Website

    Visitors actually perceive your site to be less credible when typos and awkward grammatical mistakes appear. There are lots more website that allow you to spell check online like,,, etc..

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