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Thread: First Party Cookie vs Third party Cookie

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    First Party Cookie vs Third party Cookie

    Hello ,
    I want to the the difference between a 1st First Party Cookie & 3rd Third party Cookie ? i wanto know whether blocking 3rd party cookies eliminate pop up Bannera and ads , please help me ,thanks in advance

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    Re: First Party Cookie vs Third party Cookie

    First-party cookies are cookies from the Web site you surf. Third-party cookies are cookies from other sites that advertise on the website that you surf. Common third party shippers L90 include cookies, advertising, , Avenue A, Bfast, ClickAgents, DoubleClick, FastClick, Focalink, Mediaplex, Shopnow, Speedyclick, Uproad and VALUECLICK. Session cookies are cookies that are stored on the browser of the computer. Session cookies are deleted when the user closes the browser. Because session cookies are not saved between sessions, they are considered less of a security risk than persistent cookies.
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    Re: First Party Cookie vs Third party Cookie

    A cookie is a file stored on the hard disk of the user to enable the web server to recognize a web page to another. Cookies are used by websites in order to maintain the user session (and preferences) at its site navigation.

    Internet Explorer 6.x or 7.x (Windows)
    1. Open the Tools menu> Internet Options
    2. Select the Privacy tab
    3. Click on Advanced ...
    4. Check the box Override automatic cookie handling
    5. Check the boxes to Accept Cookies and Third-party Cookies
    6. Check the box Always allow session cookies

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    Re: First Party Cookie vs Third party Cookie

    A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded when you visit some sites. This cookie stores on that site that your computer visit The first-party cookies are used by the server a user visit and help us know where you are from page to page. They also help to restore the preferences settings for the user when revisiting the site . and the third-party cookies are used by the different server than the site you are visiting . third-party cookies are used track your navigation through websites. They are more easily deactivated than first-party cookies.

    Cookies do not collect personal data and are used to compile anonymous statistics related to the use of the site by the visitor. Cookies help to measure the performance of websites and to adapt your way to better exploit the content of sites based on your personality.

    If you wish, you can block all types of cookies, including third party, when you want using the browser interface. (Please note that some applications of our websites may not function if you disable cookies.)

    Most computers can be configured to accept all cookies, to notify you a cookie or to reject all cookies. The most common methods to set preferences for cookies on a computer are detailed below. These steps may be different for Mac users or if your Internet browser or the version is not part of those proposed. In case of difficulty, please consult your computer manual or contact the helpline mentioned on the documentation for your computer.

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    Re: First Party Cookie vs Third party Cookie

    First-party cookies are cookies that are associated with the host domain. Third-party cookies are cookies from any other domain. For example, suppose that you visit example1 by typing the URL in the address bar, and sample.example1, example2, and have banner ads on this page. If these sites all set cookies, the cookies from example1 and sample.example1 are in a first-party context, and the cookies from example2. and are in a third-party context.

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