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Thread: How to create a mobile version site

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    How to create a mobile version site

    One of my friend is running a website that is only made of Web Browsers. As in now a days many people use to browse even with their mobile browser, it is now come necessary to have a mobile site as well. So my friend wanted to have the same. Could you guys please make me know how to create a Mobile site ? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to create a mobile version site

    Yeah, it has now became really very necessary to have a mobile site for the website's owner. There is an very easy way to make a mobile in just few minutes with the help of Mofuse. is a service that lets you convert basically any site with a RSS feed, to a mobile site hosted by MoFuse. It provides a platform that enables businesses, bloggers and any other web publisher to provide a compelling mobile experience on any mobile device. Mobile publishers get analytics about viewership, tools to promote their site and the opportunity to join a network of thousands of mobile sites viewed by millions of mobile web users.

    MoFuse is at the vanguard of integrating the mobile web with the PC version of thousands of blogs by offering a number of integrative features such as social bookmarking and commenting.

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    Re: How to create a mobile version site

    Hey, thanks a lot for sharing this info.. I was also wondering to have a mobile version site for my blog too. Thats sounds really very interesting to make a mobile site in just few minutes. I'd like to do it for my site as well. Please let me know how to work with Mofuse ?

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    Re: How to create a mobile version site

    It is actually very simple to get your site setup with MoFuse. Just fill out the URL to your blog (or whatever), and let MoFuse detect it, on the front page.In the second step you'll have to choose an URL for your mobile site, hosted under the domain. Mine is" >, which will work when I've finished setting up my mobile site. You'll also get to pick a category for your mobile site, and play with a dummy version if you will.

    If you haven't used MoFuse before, you'll be prompted to setup a user account as well. However, if you have, you should do the setup process from within the MoFuse Dashboard (i.e. you need to login first, click Launch a Mobile Site in the left menu). It is basically the same thing, however, so no worries.

    Customizing the Mobile Site
    If you're happy with the default look of you mobile site, you can skip the customization, however, I do encourage you to at least change the colors to match your current design, and possibly add a logo if you've got one. This is how my mobile site looks per default.

    It looks decent enough, however, nothing spectacular. I want to carry my brand with me to the mobile screens as well, so let's make it a little more, shall we? First of all, login to your MoFuse Dashboard, and click the site you want to edit. Starting with colors, click Design/Colors in the right column menu within. This will take us to a straight-forward page where you can edit background, header text, header background, text, and link color by entering HEX values in the boxes, or just click them to choose the color you want from the palette.

    You can find your colors in your CSS file. I edited mine to go with the style on, clicked the Save button, and then clicked the Upload Logo link, which is also available to the right but called Your Logo instead.

    For more info click this net.tutsplus

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