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Thread: Google Adsense Wordpress Widget

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    Google Adsense Wordpress Widget

    Hi all. I am having a Google Adsense account. I found here lots of wordPress plugins, Twitter widgets, etc.. So i hope you all can help me out as well in this query. actually i need some Google Adsense Wordpress Widget that can help me out in anyway. Is there any, please let me know. Thanks..

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    Re: Google Adsense Wordpress Widget

    You can have is exactly the same as the Text widgets, but with (very) minor tweaks specifically for inserting Google Ads in the sidebars.Also, it shows a name of “Google AdSense” in the widgets panel, which is nice. Like the Text widget, you can have more than 1 of them, but unlike the Text widget, you can only have 4 of them, since Google’s TOS only allows 3 ads and 1 link block on a page.

    One more useful widget you can go for is The normal Text widget allows you to insert arbitrary Text and/or HTML code. This allows that too, but also parses any inserted PHP code and executes it. This makes it easier to migrate to a widget-based theme.All PHP code must be enclosed in the standard tags for it to be recognized.Note that any PHP code you put into the widget MUST be surrounded by <?php and ?> tags, just like writing PHP normally. Also note that this is isn’t exactly safe, as it’s just doing an eval() on whatever you put in there, so you have complete and full access, as does anybody else who can get to your admin screen.

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    Re: Google Adsense Wordpress Widget

    Google AdSense Widget is a very nice Adsense Widget that can monetizing your blog in many ways. Color, size, and title are all customizable from widget preferences. No coding or template modification required.

    • No hacking required; just activate and it works.
    • Drag-n-drop to place multiple Google AdSense widgets.
    • Works great in any theme that has a sidebar for widgets.
    • Uses WordPress Plugin API exclusively; plays nice with other plugins.
    • Includes geeky documentation for WordPress hackers.
    • Produces 100% valid XHTML 1.0 Strict markup.
    • Degrades gracefully in browsers without JavaScript enabled.
    • Tested in current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer (6 and 7), Opera, Netscape, and Safari.

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    Re: Google Adsense Wordpress Widget

    I have tried Max Adsense widget and found it really very effective as it allows me to do anything in the Google Adsense control panel as it is built directly into the widget.Apart from a very well-made ColorPicker is against Google's own tool making some extensions to the work easier.However, the widget does not make referral buttons, there are too many of each kind to add into one little widget. To install this widget, Unzip the two files in the max_ad folder into your plugins > widgets directory.Activate the widget in your control panel.The only thing else you need is your publisher id from google. It can be found in top line of any of your old Google ad codes and looks like pub-23456765434.

    Download Max Adsense
    Source:- anthologyoi

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