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Thread: MSN Connection Manager, Device Missing

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    MSN Connection Manager, Device Missing

    In my network connections in the connection manager that the msn connection is missing or disconnected i have tried uninstalling it and re-installing it but its still coming up with that same error i have also tried by making firewall off but didn't work either. How to fix this issue?

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    Re: MSN Connection Manager, Device Missing

    The missing device will be displayed if you don't have a dial up modem.

    • You can right click the Connection Manager and delete it.
    • To uninstall MSN Explorer, go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs. Check if you see MSN there (will be here if updated from the version included with XP).
    • If not there, click Add/Remove Windows Components, scroll down to MSN Explorer. If checked, uncheck it.

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    Re: MSN Connection Manager, Device Missing

    If you're running Windows XP, Try restoring your computer to the last known time that the program worked correctly. And i think reinstall should fix the issue.

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    Re: MSN Connection Manager, Device Missing

    There is nothing to do with it. The MSN Connection Manager is use for MSN Internet service.

    If you are not using MSN then it can certainly be ignored or removed. Otherwise you need to perform the clean install properly.

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