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Thread: You tube video freezes after 2 seconds

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    You tube video freezes after 2 seconds

    I had a big issue here. I am using Mozilla Firefox for net browsing. The videos in youtube site freezes after 2 seconds. Nothing happens the browser does not show any response here. I have flash player in my system also. I have broad band internet connection which offer a good speed. I can understand if this happens in dail up. I am not able to identify the exact cause of this. The same thing is happening in Internet Explorer also. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: You tube video freezes after 2 seconds

    You said that you have flash player in your system. The problem can be due to flash player conflict. The following trick worked for me. Open my computer and your c drive. Then open documents and settings and the your user name folder. Then go to application data > macromedia > flash player >shared object > GVP00001. Delete all the file from this folder. In the same way C > Documents and Settings > username > Application Data > Macromedia > Flash Player > > support > flashplayer > sys. Clear all the files form this folder also. Then just restart your computer.

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    Re: You tube video freezes after 2 seconds

    Run disk clean up utility. This can be due to some temporary files which creating a conflict in your browser. Just right click on the c drive and select properties. The select tools and click on disk clean up. Run the utility and delete all the temporary file. In the same way clear your browser history and cookies. If still the problem is there then just reinstall the flash player.

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    Re: You tube video freezes after 2 seconds

    Have you checked you internet connection. This can be due to the loss of packets at the time of streaming video. If that one is fine then you will have to remove firefox and re-install it properly. The download flash player and again install it. It is mostly termed as a flash player conflict with other programs. Try a different browser. Whenever this happens to me then I just copy the address of the site the close the browser and open a new browser. Then I paste the same address in the address bar.

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