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Thread: Internet Explorer online support URL

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    Internet Explorer online support URL

    Yesterday I was surfing internet using Internet Explorer 8 and faced some problem. It asked me if I want some support online through Microsoft or want to report this bug ot them. I clicked on the first option to go for Microsoft online support. But I was unable to reach to Microsoft online support URL. Instead I was taken to some unknown site which I was completely unaware about and so I closed it. But today the problem is that I am unable to turn ON my computer. Can you help me regarding this or provide me the URL of the Microsoft Internet Explorer online support site?

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    Re: Internet Explorer online support URL

    This seems to be virus or malware or adware activity. You need to scan your computer with a good antivirus software before things go worst. Update your antivirus software before scanning your computer. Also if things don't get solved then it is better to format your computer.

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    Re: Internet Explorer online support URL

    Here is the link for the Internet Explorer online support: Here you can find the toll free numbers for US or Canada or talk to the customer service department and get your problem solved. This should be the problem of Internet Explorer 8.

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    Re: Internet Explorer online support URL

    That can be some addons or software issue that you might installed on your computer and unaware of the things that those applications could do. Uninstall them and if possible remove them from registry and then try to browse any site. If the samethings happens then that is certainly some virus problem.

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