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Thread: Share Point Server in Internet Explorer 2008

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    Share Point Server in Internet Explorer 2008

    I had installed Internet Explorer 8 recently. But their is some problem in the browser while working on Sharpoing server. When I hit a enter on the site the explorer denotes that the library fails to load. Then I got message that please wait while the explorer view is loaded. If it does not appear then your browser does not support. What can be the issue here. Second thing when I try to edit a share point services document libraray in a datasheet the drag and drop option does give any result. This works in Internet Explorer 7. Please Help.

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    Re: Share Point Server in Internet Explorer 2008

    Many users are facing compatibility issues with the Sharepoint in Server if they are using Internet Explorer 8. Normally it was announced that Interenet Explorer 8 will boost the internet performance. With the release of beta version of IE8 Microsoft introduce compatibility mode with some default settings. Well in some cases on sharepoint IE8 will give you trouble. Better use Internet Explorer 7 for a smooth work.

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    Re: Share Point Server in Internet Explorer 2008

    While using Internet Explorer 8 you would have noticed that sharpoint master pages are not rendering properly. Here is a small fix for you problem. You will need to add the below code to the master page to inform Internet Explorer 8 that how to render the page. See the code below and apply it at once. <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

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    Re: Share Point Server in Internet Explorer 2008

    The problem here persist to the Windows Vista Environment. There are many users who are affected by the same issue especially when using Internet Explorer 8. Here try to open the page in compatibility mode. In compatibility mode the Internet Explorer 8 renders a pages as Internet Explorer 7. This was helpful to many users. Then just add your Sharepoint site on the Intranet security zone.

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