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Thread: find facebook friends on twitter

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    find facebook friends on twitter

    Hello, i want to find my facebook friends on twitter, can you tell me Is there a way to add my Facebook friends on Twitter so that I can follow them? I Want to sync my facebook and twitter freinds , please help Thanks in advance

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    Re: find facebook friends on twitter

    Hello i Have find a common Link called as FriendFeed , it enables you to discover and discuss the interesting stuff your friends find on the web.Your friends comment on the things you share, and you see their comments in real-time. So talk with your friends, not at them. Read and share however you want — from your email, your phone or even from Facebook. Publish your FriendFeed to your website or blog, or to services you already use, like Twitter.

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    OMFG Re: find facebook friends on twitter

    After I registered on Facebook and Twitter , I discovered the same problem as you , but i Luckily found a Facebook application that would synchronize the FB status and tweets. I jumped at the chance to test this application and I was convinced by the practicality of the thing: I twitter, and it broadcasts it on my Facebook status. a good Practice for those who use Twitterfeed (sending RSS based tweets updates ) Having regard to the automated path: Twitter Feed> Twitter> Facebook.

    Except that a few months later (and I hesitated for a moment), the idea of desynchronizing the both came to my mind . Why? Because my Twitter account is public and my Facebook account is for my friends/relative and Also because the codes of Twitter (Reply, RT, DM, ...) are not necessarily well understood by some of my friends on "Facebook. All this to conclude that I do not twitter as I facebook.

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    Re: find facebook friends on twitter

    My solution to post a Facebook Status that includdes the URL of my Twitter account and ask friends to follow me there. First Sign into your Twitter account and get copy the profile URL. ( For Example )after that Login to your Facebook account and click on the Profile link in the top left of the page. in the top center of the page Select the Info tab after that on the right the Edit Information link and choose the Contact Information area. and in that Websites box paste your link and update the profile.

    Now, from your profile page your friends can find a direct link to twitter and join you there.

    Check this Link for more information

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