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Thread: How to download Firefox addon for WMV Player

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    How to download Firefox addon for WMV Player

    Can anyone suggest me from where could i download the firefox add-on for WMV so that if i download the Youtube videos from the internet i can view it without any problem at the time, i have never read regarding that it is possible in windows media player format?

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    Re: How to download Firefox addon for WMV Player

    Hence, just copy the link (URL) of the video on Youtube on the Toolbar, Select the format and site. Or if you're using Firefox, you can install the Search Site add-on to make things even easier. Click to download, waiting to convert the video page, then below is the name next to the video and say you give downloand there and saves it in your pc. Fortunately Google indexes most sites on the web, making it easy to search any web page by adding something like into Google after your search query.

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    Re: How to download Firefox addon for WMV Player

    Addon for WMV player is possible if the online updates comes to your browser and you enable them and if not then you need to download from the Windows media player official site, Once you get this updates you need to update this then restart your browser that will enable and allows you to do the necessary changes.

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    Re: How to download Firefox addon for WMV Player

    Check File mode, click Browse and choose the file, select input format (if autodetection fails) and output format, submit the form this is to convert a file located on a computer, and for about add-on the use Google to conduct a search for that text, bringing up a list of pages that include the term you were searching for. Search Site also adds a second search icon to the Firefox search bar. If you enter a query into the search bar and then hit the green Search Site bar instead of the default search tool, Firefox will search just the web page you're currently on, not the entire internet.

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