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Thread: How to access multiple email accounts in Hotmail

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    How to access multiple email accounts in Hotmail

    I saw a post here about accessing multiple email accounts like yahoo, Aol or hotmail right from a single gmail account. Its here . It is definitely a helpful tip. Today i am here to get the similar tip but for Hotmail. I mean my main email account that i use the most is Hotmail account. But there lot more accounts in yahoo, gmail and Aol which i need to get in my Hotmail so that i do not need to open any other yahoo or Gmail to read the mails.

    I hope you understand what i want to say. If it is possible please let me know. i really appreciate your help.

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    Re: How to access multiple email accounts in Hotmail

    Yeah, i definitely got your point. And fortunately, it is possible with Hotmail as well.All it takes is a few clicks, just go through this simple steps:-

    • First of all login with your Id and Password in Hotmail.

    • Now look to the left of the navigation pane, you will see a option 'Add an e-mail account'. Select it.

    • Here you'll be prompted with two dialog boxes. 1.E-mail address and password. 2. Input the required information into the designated fields.

    • So whether you have a Gmail account, you can Yahoo, AOL, or any of many other suppliers, you each of your e-mail in one check.

    • Hit 'Next' and let Hotmail do its thing. It will take a minute or two to set up your account.

    • If successful you will be proposed to further screen where you can specify where you delivered new e-mail.

    • There are two options in your inbox or create a new separate envelope for storage.

    • If you prefer to pop in your inbox, you can apply a color to each of your new messages to better distinguish and alerting you to where they came from.

    • Once a new account is added, please send an e-mail from this new address easily send through the dropdown menu when running a new message.

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    Re: How to access multiple email accounts in Hotmail

    Hey thanks for sharing this useful info. As i am also a frequent user of Hotmail, i tried to do this trick in my account as well but i cant. When i worked around for this i found that it is only for the Hotmail customers in the US, Canada, and Brazil. Unfortunately not for the rest of the countries. I think i need wait till it comes to my Country, India !

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    Re: How to access multiple email accounts in Hotmail

    This is really a nice feature of Hotmail but remember in order for this to work, ensuring POP in POP Authorized e-mail service is encouraged to add that you sign in to the service and changing your settings could imply.

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